What is the Huntington Routing Number?

The Huntington Online Banking enables you to carry out a variety of activities at your convenience from your office or home. You can check the status of your account, transfer money, check your balances, and more.Online banking makes it possible to access your bank account and other financial information without leaving the comfort of home. It also gives you the capability to make payments online or even apply for loans and credit cards from your PC. Read on this article to know more.

Huntington Online Banking

Huntington’s online banking offers various payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Discovery Card, Money Gram and many others. You can even make deposits by inserting the card which is linked to your account.

Online banking allows you to keep track of all your financial transactions. You can also pay your bills and transfer money to other accounts. You may also manage your credit card balance by viewing your card’s transactions.

Huntington Routing Number

Despite the ideal single routing number, here is a list of other routing numbers that clients use for Huntington. Check this out:

Routing Number Registered Name
044000024 Huntington National Bank
044108641 Huntington National Bank
274070484 The Huntington National Bank
041000153 Huntington National Bank
041200555 Huntington National Bank
041215016 Huntington National Bank
041215032 Huntington National Bank
042015422 Huntington National Bank
042100191 Huntington National Bank
042101459 Huntington National Bank
042107602 Huntington National Bank
042215060 Huntington National Bank
044115090 Huntington National Bank
044115126 Huntington National Bank
044172282 Huntington National Bank
051903761 Huntington National Bank
057000697 Huntington National Bank
072400528 Huntington National Bank
072403473 Huntington National Bank
072410123 Huntington National Bank
074000078 Huntington National Bank
074905173 Huntington National Bank
075901998 Huntington National Bank


  1. Huntington offers various features for the benefit of its customers. These features include an online store, online newsgroups, chat, email, blogs, and many others. Some of these are provided by the merchant service provider.
  2. Huntington also provides free quotes of the services they provide and this can be availed online. The quotes may differ from one site to another as some providers may charge you for this free services, while some charge you for them.
  3. Huntington offers a secure online banking. This type of service does not require you to provide any passwords when you want to log in or make a transaction. All your account details are safe with them and so are their online features and transactions.
  4. The huntington routing number is also used as an identification card for customers to use when they make payments using ATM machines. They use it in order to avoid fraud and identity theft. Online banking has also made it possible for the users to access the information stored in the bank without having to get into the building. This is especially useful for those who travel a lot or for those who work from different locations all over the world.
  5. Online banking is really beneficial for the busy people who do not have time to check on their account balances each day. They can easily check it online at their convenience and the security offered by the site makes it possible.
  6. You can also have the option to pay your bill through your computer if you prefer to pay through your laptop. This way you can avoid having to write a check or wait for the mailman to deliver a cashier receipt.
  7. Online banking is also convenient for those people who want to send money through electronic funds transfer. They can also send a money transfer to their relatives who live overseas.
  8. There is no need for you to physically enter the bank’s website in order to check your account or for making payments. You can do both of these things with online banking.
  9. If you are running a business and you want to advertise it using the Internet, then online advertising is the perfect solution for you. With the use of the Huntington Routing Number you can be sure that your business will be seen by many people around the globe.
  10. If you run a business and you have a website where you offer your services, you may have different things you can do. You can advertise your services and products by adding pictures of your products to your site.


The good thing about it is that it gives you a chance to make your business more visible online which can result to more customers for you. and thus more profits for you. If you are looking for a good bank, then Huntington would be the right choice for you. The site has a very high score and is considered as one of the most trusted and best sites among banks all over the world.

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