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The director Maren Ade once bothered me severely. Her debut film ” The Forest for the Trees “, with a theatrical performance by Eva Löbau, which makes it really not easy to watch her, is about a young teacher who wants to be loved for everything in the world. Really terrible, as she steps from one fool to the next. Must see!

Now Maren Ade shows her new film at the Berlinale, in competition. That made us curious and I got tickets for the performance for Felix and myself today at 18:00 clock in the Friedrichstadpalast. It was our first competition film! ” Everyone else, ” tells the story of Gitti and Chris. Chris, played by Lars Eidinger and Gitti, played by Birgit Minichmayr, cannot be more different. She is spontaneous and enterprising, he is timid and idealistic.

She works in the press department of a music company, he works as an architect. On a holiday in Sardinia, they meet by chance Chris fellow students Hans, played by Hans-Jochen Wagner and his girlfriend Sana, played by Nicole Marischka in a supermarket. Hans and Sana play the perfect couple, but behind the facade knows Sana, a successful but extremely superficial fashion designer, just to the fact that she must look up to her Hans in order to stay in the race. Chris begins to orientate himself on the two and injured so Gitti, who can do so well with such an attached behavior to even nothing. But then Gitti does not change to lose Chris.

We can see Chris and Gitti here for 2 hours failing their relationship, it has funny moments but it also shows very deep injuries. Personally, the film is in some places too long. But due to the good acting performance of the four actors, it is still a very good movie. I especially liked the change of Gitti. Recommended! From 18.06.09 in the cinema.

Human Hilde

Let’s put it this way, it was interesting. Yesterday we saw Hilde in the Cubix at Alexanderplatz with Heike Makatsch in the lead role. The BZ headline on Saturday “Berlin has another Hilde”! Well, that is greatly exaggerated! Heike Makatsch comes to Hildegard Knef mainly in appearance and partly in the gesture quite close.

If the Knef could not “really” sing, their Makatsch is not in accordance with this. Beginning in 1943 in Berlin, which had already been badly hit by the war, and in which Knef came to the UfA, the film’s arc stretches to the 1966 concert of Knef in the Philharmonie. This is also neatly told as if you turned off a CV.

The film has strong moments, certainly, but very annoying, the set design! An attack of the Soviets in Berlin can be seen immediately, which he is asked. Shots in Hollywood are shot in South Africa, which would not matter if you did not use a painted background that could not be cheaper.

The famous Hollywood lettering can be seen immediately, that he is not genuine. Embarrassing and for me, the film got a bit shabby and cheap. The illuminated swimming pool at the Berlin Villa of the Knef was also exaggerated blue-flickering in the scene.

A prop, probably an African mask, appeared in three different timelines and locations in the film. Placed so centrally that it was already scary. Somehow, this set-design blunder, I have no real feeling for this movie. The Makatsch plays without question great but really captivate and inspire the film could not me!

For us, the Berlinale could inspire us. Luckily far away from the hype, we enjoyed watching movies as premieres and partly telling the actors directly by applause that we were well entertained. We will be back next year!

Great climate?

Since February 22, 2009, the ” Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten“. Today we visited this center. The futuristic building, located on the so-called elbow, houses three themed areas on 1500 square meters, “Forces of the North Sea”, “Living with the forces of nature” and “Climate, weather, climate research”. At the entrance you get after a solution of the ticket, incidentally, the proud price of 11 €, also handed out a headset, which is used at many stations.

In German, Danish and English the explanatory comments are spoken, not too long and very interesting. The mix of reading boards and multimedia was well received by us. There is also a storm room where you can experience the different wind forces on your own body. However, there was to our visit time, doldrums in the storm room.

In trial operation, it turned out that he needs improvement. At many information points, including so-called “thought cells”, was pointed to the precarious situation Sylts. As the sea level rises due to climate change, Sylt faces the problem of getting smaller and smaller.

Storms also gnaw at the island and demand a bit more of the island after each storm. A visit to the center is worthwhile, you learn a lot about the fragile system of the climate on the Wadden Sea.

What made me think, though, was the shop in the foyer of the adventure center! The following statement can be found on the website of the Center under the topic “Our Philosophy”: ” The ” Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten “also wants to be a prime example of the sustainable use of resources. Energy consumption and climate-relevant emissions have therefore been reduced to a minimum by numerous measures.

That sounds great, of course, and goes very well with the climate protection approach! However, the shop in the foyer sells a lot of stuffed animals such as seals, penguins, shells, sharks and other plastic stuff, which is consistently produced in China or India, so to read on the small labels. The fact that it has covered thousands of kilometers and produced plenty of emissions does not bother the management of the house. Here I see a need for action!

On the return journey by bus from List to Westerland, I looked at the roofs of the houses. I was just being made sensitive to the Sylt ecosystem. I found out that of the hundreds of houses I saw, not one single solar cell on the roof.

The bus was also powered by diesel instead of natural gas. Service vehicles or taxis could also be operated on the island with natural gas! By the way, it is flooded with cars. A reactivation of the island railway would, therefore, be extremely useful! Maybe you should leave only gas or electric vehicles on the island. Somehow the Sylters themselves did not understand yet, that just them, living on a strongly endangered island, should lead by example.

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